Use our Fibonacci algorithm to DCA into Crypto

Scroll down or watch the video  to find out more👉
Watch the video or scroll down to find out more 💪

How it works

Step 1
Create an account in one of our tier 1 partner exchanges and you deposit your crypto coin(s) - USDT / USDC
Step 2
You choose your ultimate trading pair - e.g. BTC/USDC, provide us with your contact details, API key - let us know that you would like the DCA strategy to run and our team will get you set up
Step 3
Fibonacci will automatically DCA into the market with the current trading ranges - typically buying BTC / ETH at up to a 20% discount to current trading prices
How much does it cost? The service is free for all Sequence Plus clients. For Sequence clients it is only available if you commit to trading the final DCA balance in a trading strategy for 6 months (regular profit share applies)
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About Sequence

Sequence offers a range of algorithmic trading products. Our service enables clients to safely profit from the volatility of bluechip exponential assets without leverage
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