Earn in USD + your favorite Blue chip Crypto.

50:50 is the best performing strategy for your portfolio.

Scroll down or watch the video  to find out more👉
Watch the video or scroll down to find out more 💪

How it works

Step 1
Create a sub account in one of our tier 1 partner exchanges and you deposit your crypto coin(s) - USDT / USDC
Step 2
Create a second sub-account and deposit the same dollar amount in either BTC or ETH
Step 3
Fibonacci will run both long and short strategies - one on each sub-account at the same time.
All our products are 100% secured by you, meaning you have complete access and control of your assets at all times
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About Sequence

Sequence offers a range of algorithmic trading products. Our service enables clients to safely profit from the volatility of bluechip exponential assets without leverage
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